MWWL Career Leaderboards
The record list is located along the left hand side of your screen, this list displays the records for the category that you have currently chosen. You can change categories by using the tabs along the top of the lower window. Once you have found your desired category, you can navigate between leaderboards with the list on the left hand side.
Some of the leaderboards may take a longer time to load than others, specifically the career pitching statistics can sometimes take up to 20 seconds to load because of the calculations involved.
The MWWL Career Leaderboards Database recommends using Firefox (Click Here) in order to get the best possible experience.
After you have selected a record from the leaderboard list, the information will load into the right side of the window. From here, you can see the top 100 players in your selected statistic.
You can double click on a players record in this view to be taken to their career page.
The MWWL Career Leaderboards Database was written by Steven Cornfield in conjunction with the MWWL Commissioner John "Stray" Corrado. The information seen here has been collected tirelessly throughout the history of the league, and the player statistics are brought to you courtesy of the Norwood Career Database. Last but certainly not least, the MWWL Career Leaderboards Database has been built on the ExtJS 2.0 Framework, which powers many of the new features.